Simoform, Lda, head office in Marinha Grande, accompanied his clients in their projects since 1999. We highlight the support in engineering and development of product, at the study of the design of the tool and his manufacturing, as well as in the after sales support.

We are an international company leader in engineering, project management, manufacturing, processing and assembly of plastic components. Furthermore we are specialized in development and manufacturing tools, as well as additional resources to produce them, respecting the environment and people.

Through continuous formation of our staff and constantly updated technology, we want to make a decisive contribution to a more competitive production.


Our experienced and qualified employees, work daily towards the optimization of production and quality standards processes. Our duty in relation to manufacturing technologies is to be updated in order to be able to present a product in “state-of-the-art” to serve our customers with the highest quality.


We assume all responsibility towards customers, suppliers, employees, state and society. We deal with natural resources in a conscious and thoughtful way.
Long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers require a high degree of trust, predictability and reliability.

The innovation is one of our top priorities. The challenge of design and manufacture new products, always requires innovative ideas for solving problems.
The experience, acquired over the years, in projects already carried out, build the basis of exceptional concepts with increasingly productive results.


Quality Policy

As in our company philosophy is quality assurance, we guide us strictly by the standards of NP EN ISO 9001: 2008.

Through the monitoring of the quality management system, monitoring all stages of manufacture of the tool, developing a strict dimensional control, as well as the continuous improvement in all processes, we try to ensure the total satisfaction of our customers.